Management Team

Our management team has been intimately involved with the growth of DMF for a number of years, each in different capacities. Today they are responsible, for the day-to-day operations, our music programs and the long-term strategic development of the foundation in collaboration with the Trush Family and the Board of Directors.


Our paid instructors are music therapists, special education teachers (with a proficiency in music) and musicians who all have a great deal of experience. Although they come from varied musical backgrounds, the one constant is their passion for our members. They each have a unique approach, but their dedication, patience, knowledge, and enthusiasm is consistently applied to every program. The emphasis is always on getting the most out of each member’s talents in a fun, social, and creative environment.



The DMF staff focus on maintaining the music center so that the DMF experience is a positive one and ensure that our members are comfortable at all times.