DMF classes are not traditional “music therapy” sessions, which are typically done on a one-on-one basis and is geared towards achieving specific goals. Rather, our classes are designed to maximize the broadest range of musical benefits for the maximum number of participants. The classes focus on empowering members to make clear progress on their own terms. They enhance self-confidence and self-esteem and promote personal expression and growth while celebrating who they are today. Most importantly, they enrich hearts and souls, and uplift spirits.  

Our classes are free and structured on a membership basis, with enrollment as simple as completing a form and attending a half-hour greeting session. This ensures that DMF has an understanding of each applicant’s specific interests, experience and needs - ultimately allowing for the best placement. As you can imagine the demand for our classes is very high, and we currently have a waiting list of typically one year. Individuals can be placed on the waiting list at any time and will be notified as soon as spot becomes available. Please call us to place yourself or an individual on our waiting list 212.289.8912.

In the meantime, as you wait for a spot to become available, we encourage you to explore our other program offerings so you can have the opportunity to participate in the DMF community.