To combat the prevalent issue of budget cuts to school music programs in this country, specifically in NYC, DMF is committed to providing special education schools access to music to learn a variety of concepts and skills while simultaneously building socialization and community through the DMF Scholarship Fund. This Fund was started in honor of the Kefalidis Family whose generosity was instrumental in making our music center a reality. With a unique class offering available as a field trip or a class series, deserving special education students with developmental and physical disabilities, ages 5 to 21, will have the opportunity to participate in free recreational music classes at our music center located in East Harlem. By replacing the classroom setting with the clean, modern, brightly lit environment of our center, students can thrive and experience a heightened level of excitement, learning and creativity around music. Classes are available as either a one-time field trip or class series in Rhythms Around the World, DJ & Dance, Drumming & Percussion or Jam Band. 

DMF classes are not traditional “music therapy” sessions, which are typically one-on-one and geared towards achieving specific goals. Rather, our classes are designed to maximize the broadest range of benefits for the maximum number of participants. They focus on empowering members to make clear progress on their own terms, enhance self-confidence and promote personal expression and growth while celebrating who they are today. 

As part of our Annual Spring Benefit every year, we hope to raise $50,000 to support free field trips and equipment for recreational music classes at our center for deserving special education students with developmental and physical disabilities through the DMF Scholarship Fund. If you would like to support the DMF Scholarship Fund click here to donate. Thank you for your support.