Meet Daniel

Daniel is the co-founder of and inspiration for Daniel’s Music Foundation and along with his family, is actively involved in all areas of the organization.  He is the man responsible for naming our key performance indicator, the “smile-o-meter,” which focuses on the changes in attitudes and outlook reported by our members - a measure we take very seriously. But most importantly, he is the life force that drives DMF and serves as the ambassador for our mission - a living example of acceptance, kindness and joy.

In 1997, at the age of 12, one of five aneurysms burst inside his brain. His doctors did not expect him to survive, but he proved them wrong. Music in various forms played a critical role in every phase of his recovery. From the songs that kept him connected to reality during his coma, to the keyboard playing that helped him regain his motor skills; and even the music history class he took that ultimately inspired him to help others. Most importantly, it was music that maintained his connection to the people around him – and to the very essence of life. This life altering experience was the inspiration for DMF.